Therapy or psychotherapy with a person on the autistic spectrum is not always about focusing on autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The type of therapy we offer here at Harbor Counseling services for Autism/Asperger’s clients and family is categorized often as mood therapy.


Everyone including people who have autism can have anxiety, grief, stress, trauma, ADHD or other mental health topics that come up in their life. For some have the basics skills of how to function with autism others may need to develop them. Those who have gained many beneficial skills allowing them to thrive may also run into new challenges needing new skills.


Both above-mentioned autistic persons may find mood therapy can be a valuable resource.


Family members, friends, professionals and romantic partners too can find having a knowledgeable therapist in the area of autism or Asperger’s can be useful for: school, work or daily routine struggles and challenges.


Some skills we work on developing:

  • Mindfulness

  • Communication dialogue tools

  • Coping skills or self-calming strategie areas

    • Visual tools

    • Creative Tools

    • Humor tools

    • Self-nuturing tools

    • Physical tools

    • Auditory/verbal tools


Techniques we use to go about learning new skills:

  • Play therapy

    • Non-directive

    • Directive

  • Art Therapy

  • EMDR

  • CBT

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Kristina Boswell, LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist


Works with:  adults, children, couples, borderline personality disorder, autism, adoption and infertility, chronic pain and illness, and is trained in EMDR.


Insurance accepted: Beacon Partnership, private pay and sliding scale

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